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Newline TRUTouch 700

TRUTouch NB Display

Take collaboration to the next level with a single impressive interactive display. TRUTOUCH lets you experience meetings and presentations on a touch screen that redefines clarity. With multi-Touch technology on a larger scale, TRUTOUCH displays allow multiple team members to work on the screen at once. Simply annotate on images, utilizes a basic whiteboard application and more without needing to download software to any of your own devices.

  • Collaborate with anyone, anywhere no matter what device or system they use.
  • 1080p and Ultra-High Definition resolutions give your presentations quality clarity.
  • Backlit LED provides the sharpest and clearest image for you to show off your innovation.
  • No need to worry about losing a proprietary pen, just use your fingers.
  • Android system allows the display to be both on-network and safe for guests to use.

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Data sheet

This product has following properties

Weight 110.2 lbs
Dimensions 71.5 x 10.8 x 3.9
Native Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Maximum Brightness (average) 370 nit
Screen Size Class 70"
Backlight LED
Display Ratio 16:9
Contrast 4000:1
Refresh Frequency 120 Hz
Response Time 8 ms
AV Front Inputs/Outputs HDMI in x1, USB for touch x1, USB for Android x1, USB for PC x2 (2.0 x1, 3.0 x1), MIC x1
AV Rear Inputs/Outputs USB for Android x2, USB for touch x1, HDMI in x1, VGA in x1, Audio x1, AV x1, YPBPR / YCBCr / audio IN x1, HDMI out x1, R5232 x1, SD x1, LAN x1, SPDIF x1, USB OTG x1
Multimedia Formats Supported Image: JPEG, BMP, PNG; Video: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H264, RM, RMVB, MOV, MJPEG, VD1, Dvix, FLV (Support 1080P HD Decoding); Audio: WMA, MP3, M4A, (AAC)
Touch Points 10 Points Touch
Writing Tools Pen or Finger
Scan Speed 8 ms
Cursor Speed 1 mm

Take collaboration to the next level with one impressive display.
The TRUTOUCH line of Full-HD LED Multi-Touch displays is designed to increase productivity across the board.

Experience meetings and presentations on a display that redefines clarity.
All TRUTOUCH models feature 1080p High-Definition resolution, except for the TRUTOUCH 840 which gives you 84” of Ultra-High-Definition that you can’t imagine until you see it. Backlit LED displays provide the sharpest and clearest image for you to show off your innovation. When it comes to an eye-catching display, TRUTOUCH is the clear choice

The touchscreen like you’ve never seen before.
TRUTOUCH displays react to touch the same way as phones and tablets, so you can tap, pinch, scroll, and interact the same way you would with the devices you use everyday. With multi-Touch technology on a larger scale, TRUTOUCH displays allow multiple team members to work on the screen at once.

No limit to interaction.
TRUTOUCH displays proudly come with completely tech-free pens that you can use or lose and keep on working. If you want, you can use your finger to draw, move and interact. No need to worry about broken electronics, dead batteries or a lost stylus. TRUTOUCH puts all of the technology into the display, so it’s all you’ll need for a productive meeting.

Connect how you want.
Each TRUTOUCH model comes with multiple HDMI, USB, and A/V inputs as well as component connections for microphones, speakers, and multimedia players.

At the crossroads of technology and design.
Your TRUTOUCH is optimized to work seamlessly with Newline’s award-winning IdeaMax software. IdeaMax takes productivity to the next level to bring your next big idea to life.

It’s all about the looks.
TRUTOUCH’s sleek design looks great in any space to improve your image, increase employee morale, and let your customers know you’re ready to take business into the next generation.

Other Models in this Series: TRUTouch 500 / TRUTouch 650 / TRUTouch 800 / TRUTouch 840


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